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Jerry Churchill was born in Detroit, and started Churchill Transportation in Detroit where its been home for 41 years. 

Jerry made it known Detroit was his home by painting  "Churchill from Detroit" on over 400 trailers that travel the highways daily.

We are proud to be "CHURCHILL from DETROIT"



When you say you're from Detroit, you have an automatic cred and a coolness that translates everywhere I've been. That's a status symbol to say you're from Detroit. It implies something.


You come from a place where all of this great music and all these great cars, and all of these great, cool things [are from]. I'd love to be able to say that I came from Detroit. That would be like the coolest thing I could ever say.

-Anthony Bourdain

What we do:


Churchill Transportation specializes in truckload transportation, and expedited truckload transportation.  

Our fleet consists of 150 over the road satellite tracked truck, 400 satellite tracked 53' air ride van trailers and 20 53' curtain-side flatbeds/step deck specialized trailers.

Operations is staffed 24/7, we haven't shut off the lights since 1980 and are always ready to assist with your freight.