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"Why Drive for Churchill" by Randy Churchill

In this new world of Electronic Logs, driver CSA scores, cell phones and satellites in every truck, you would think that everything would be smoother, but the one thing about trucking that has not caught up is loading and unloading creating unpaid driver waiting time.

Time wasted unloading at warehouses that unload at their own rules and delay truck drivers is just not acceptable, the drivers are the ones who end up paying for delays in loading/unloading.

Drivers today must drive for trucking companies that pay the most $ per mile with drop and hook freight, that's where Churchill Transport is a good choice to consider. 

  • Here are a bunch of reasons, that add up to more $$ for drivers:

  • 90% of Churchill's freight is drop and hook

  • Churchill's low CSA safety score assist in inspections and scale

  • No loads over 43,500 lbs

  • Detroit city operation supports most local pickups and deliveries

  • Dedicated and Repetitive lanes

  • Newer trucks, Volvo 860 (the big sleeper ones)

  • Automatic transmissions, Auxiliary Power Units and Power Inverters in Trucks

  • Option to run short haul or long haul

  • Assigned trucks

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